I have decided to use Joomla for URL Vision!

Why you might ask.

I have always liked Joomla buy all the monthly subscription cost for extensions, templates and modules have always deterred me from using it, I decided to learn Joomla because it looks like a really cool script! I will not let all these greedy people from using it, I will pay up to $100 for onetime fees of good extensions and I will use the free versions of the extensions for as long as I can, but I won't pay 100s of dollars a month for a extension that I may click on one time! So, because I like Joomla so much, I might even learn how to make my own extensions or find the system work around and I will post them here for your Joomla pleasure

I used to use WordPress for years because you could import RSS feeds automatically without many issues. Then one day I deleted all 30 of my word press sites and am now learning Joomla. All my old sites are just now domain names pointing to other sites that I have online at this time.

All my news sites are now just pointing to my main news site: https://acn.news

All my Renegade sites are now pointing to https://renegades.network

All my photography sites are now pointing to: https://leonards.gallery or https://leonards.website 

I use https://u2.fyi to point all my domain names. (Not open to the public yet)

And I point all my unused domain names to FYI Center to sell the domain names or just park them till I find somewhere to use them.