I bought this module and 2 of their layouts.

I am very new to Joomla and all these extensions, modules, templates and layouts are confusing the hell out of me. I finally broke down and bought the RAXO All-mode PRO One of the main reasons for buying RAXO was because they don't want a monthly subscription to use their module! I have over 30 WordPress sites before I deleted all of them and am trying new software. I really like Joomla but the only thing that really sux about it is all the extensions and modules want a monthly subscription to use! To me that is stupid! Anyway, let's get to Raxo. The following information is from the Raxo site.

RAXO All-mode PRO is the most powerful and comprehensive tool to display Joomla news and articles. Great functionality and easy use give you complete freedom to display Joomla content any way you want. Do anything with your content — select, filtrate, sort out, and display exactly what you need in a gorgeous view.

No more need to search and install dozens of specialized extensions. RAXO All-mode PRO saves your time and efforts as it replaces such add-ons like "latest news", "popular content", "random articles", "most commented events", etc. This module easily covers all common needs and near to all specific needs. That's why it will be helpful on any Joomla site, from big news portals and magazines to simple personal sites.

Lots of positive comments and feedback as well as thousands of really great sites made with this module prove that RAXO All-mode PRO is a must-have tool for every Joomla developer.

I am having a few issues with working this Module, but I am new at all this, So I have uploaded t a few videos to help me with it,